Living Smart: Why is gutter cleaning so important?

gutter cleaning


Have you had your gutter repair this season? Gutters are an important piece of the home’s well-being. It’s the gutter that controls the flow of rainwater, protecting the building (i.e., roof, walls, foundation and the landscape at large). Neglecting the gutter can turn into a nightmare-gutters clogged with leaves, debris, and sticks pressure up the roof causing a leaky roof, or water damage to the interior of your home.

Gutter Company experts believe gunked-up gutters makes home for pets, mold, rodents and honeycombs from bee infestation causing more trouble.

How often to you clean you clean your gutters?

Letting gutter cleaning go by the wayside, increases the cost of roof/home maintenance ending up to hundreds of dollars to repair” noted by Gutter Company.  Basically, gutters are a potential bomb, o your roof full of insects and critters when you let them stay out of sight, out of mind.

Gutter cleaning depend on where you live, more how many trees are in your yard? It’s recommended to clean your gutters cleaned and repair in the spring-fall. Clean in the fall when all the leaves are down or even almost down. In spring, maple trees get little helicopters that go everywhere.

Get a professional to clean the downspouts, a clogged downspout makes it hard for the rain pour to go down leading to breakup and overflow the gutter, which eventually damage the building.

The frequency of gutter cleaning should be guided by how often leaves in your area fall and the type of leave involved.

Gutter covers

You need gutter covers! Leaf guards significantly reduce the need for gutter maintenance, i.e. reduce the frequency of cleaning. Instead of doing it every six months, with gutter covers you can push the maintenance to yearly or every three years.  The frequency of gutter repair/cleaning will depend on the quality of cover and the type used. More info:

Make visual check each six month

Gutter guards do a great job, but if you’ve many trees surrounding your home you need a visual check each year.  The guards won’t keep all the debris out as up to 15 to 20 percent can still get in, and you will still have to remove the cover.

You need a professional to do so?

Gutter repair and cleaning need a professional; purchasing quality covers seek help Gutter Company for the best covers and screen that will effectively limit the need for gutter maintenance.  Buy one that’s strong to hold up and suit all type of downspout, tree leaves, and other debris.  On average a gutter cost between $1,500 and $2,500 and depend on your home size and the length of the gutter.

DO it yourself, OR HIRE?

Gutter cleaning, most homeowners can do it themselves, and face the danger of the task. If you are afraid of height, falls from a ladder send thousands of Americans to the emergency room each year.

Do it yourself; ensure the ladder is sturdy and all the steps are in place. You can try to a few steps to ensure if the ground is level.  Don’t let the ladder on the gutter as the weight can cause them to collapse.

One of the biggest thing ; safety, call Gutter Company for qualified  professional as the professional knows what to look for and can stop the problem prior it gets worse.  For a fact, gutter prevention comes in pennies but the repair will cost you dollars. On average gutter cleaning will cost you $75 to $225 for an average home depending on the height of the home, gutter length, and scope of work. See more here.


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