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Gutter Maintenance for Fall and Rainy Season

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Gutter replacement and maintenance is an integral part of owning a house. Gutters are important aspect of a house which is essential in increasing the lifetime of the house. Gutters are always exposed to outside elements which make them vulnerable to damages and a host of other issues. In areas of frequent rainfall, a damaged gutter is even more prevalent. This is due to them being exposed to water at a much higher rate than your average gutter.

Gutters need to be maintained properly not only to face several seasons of the year. Gutters must be able to protect your home from all seasons. They must be strong to face all kinds of outside elements that is thrown at them. A proper gutter maintenance and cleaning is the best move if you want to prolong the life of your gutters. Gutter maintenance varies greatly depending on the season. I will highlight below what type of gutter maintenance you need for the fall and rainy season.

Fall season gutter maintenance

During the fall season, the shedding of leaves will become a major problem. This is probably the season where you need gutter cleaning the most. Any uncleaned leaves or debris will stay on the gutters for a very long time unless you clean them. Leaves or debris left on the gutters will decay and cause blockage. This is a major problem especially right when the rainy season is about to start.

To keep your gutters clean of leaves and debris, there are the things you need to do:

  • Keep them dry to avoid leaves sticking to wet spots
  • Check for any leaks, cracks and corrosion (areas of interests are joints and corners)
  • Install a gutter guard to protect your gutters from debris blockage
  • Trim your tree to avoid their leaves getting into your gutters

Rainy season gutter maintenance

Rainy season proceed as soon as the autumn ends. By this information, you need to take extra good care of your gutters during the autumn season. Here are the things you need to do to properly maintain your gutters during rainy season.

  • Clean your gutters manually to remove all debris
  • Check for leaks by letting water flow through your gutters
  • Inspect your downspout to check for any blockages
  • Do a high pressure water cleaning to remove all debris missed by manual cleaning

If you want your gutters to work properly and efficiently, you need to do proper maintenance for them. If you don’t have the time to clean them yourself, you can always hire a gutter cleaning company to do the job for you. It is important that you do these maintenance checks to rid of all the headaches you might get when you miss a maintenance routine.


Maintaining Gutters In Winter – How To Do It Properly

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For many home owners, nothing really beats a had repair project. Many home repairs can be costly. Repairs are time consuming and messy work. Yet, repairs are part of being homeowners because no matter how well-maintained your home is, there will come a time where repairs are needed. A part of your home that you shouldn’t ignore is the gutter system. A good gutter system will prevent many home repairs because it will protect your home from many outside factors.

To maintain your gutters, you need to be familiar with the season. For instance, when snow lands on the roof, it will accumulate. Snow accumulates on the roof and will act as a huge reservoir of water. Snow will also accumulate inside the gutters. When the weather changes again and gets above freezing temperature, the snow will be converted to ice and water. The water will find a route of exit and if your gutter systems are blocked, water will overflow through it.

For the homeowner, nearly nothing is as bad of a problem as is undertaking a foundation repair project. Foundation repair is costly. It is time consuming and it is messy work. More often than not, foundation repairs could have been mitigated if proper gutter maintenance was used. This is especially true during the winter months. Here is why it is important to maintain your gutters in winter. If the water overflows onto the ground, the ground will be saturated with water. The added water near the foundation will weaken the structure of your house resulting in foundation damage.

At the first sign of water seepage in your foundation, you need to diagnose it immediately. It will come as a form of moisture in the basement and can be accompanied by the smell of mold. If you fail to remedy the problem as soon as it’s become obvious, it will immediately get worse. As the freeze and thaw cycle of winter and summer continues, cracks will begin to appear and this will damage the entirety of your foundation. When the cracks become larger, structure failure may become inevitable.

All of these things could have been prevented if you have the right gutter system. Proper maintenance will also prevent this kind of problem from ever happening. To help you maintain your gutters during the winter, here are some tips.

To ensure that water saturation won’t happen near your home, you need to put the downspouts drain at least 10 feet away from your house. If the water is channeled away at a safe distance, there is a slim chance of liquid infiltration caused by overflowing water.

Only use quality materials. Do not make the mistake of being a cheapskate when you are choosing a material for your gutter system. Remember that the integrity of your house relies on a function gutter system. In my own experience, cheap products will also give you headache in the future.

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